EPTFE Auto Film

EPTFE Auto Film
Product Details

 ePTFE Auto Film is defined as: after two-way stretch forming process, change the pore aperture size to assess the level of waterproof and breathable (IP65 IP67), and with PET two-component non-woven and PP spun-bonded non-woven base material thermal compound, etc

ePTFE 1um Specification :

1.Code :SNFSTQ-M-1um

2.thickness :5-15um

3.Breadth :260-1600mm

4.Length :300-1000m

5.Aperture :1um

6.Hydrostatic pressure :1000-3000mmH20↑ or 0.01-0.03Bar/60s↑ watertight (1Bar=1kg 1Bar=0.1mpa)

7.breathability :25-80L/m².s(pressure difference 127Pa)or 150-300ml/min.cm²

8.PH value :0-14

Material and Application Field



Application Field

Cell phone, interphone, computer, solar, nuclear power plants, aviation industry, car and so on

Base material manufacture

Import base material (JapanToray, Japan Unitika, Japan Hirose, Cologne Korea, the United States HV) can Thermal compounding。


60g/m²、100g/m²、120g/m²、150g/m²、180g/m²、200g/m²、240 g/m²、260g/m²。


Flat woven fabrics, non-woven stripes, dots nonwoven 。

post processing

ePTFE  film mulching


Waterproof, breathable, dust-proof, good temperature performance, good sound transmission, high and low temperature, good chemical stability

Imported PTFE resin is used as raw material and treated by special process. The pore size, pore size distribution and opening rate were studied. Control the air permeability of the membrane and adjust it according to the standard of air dust removal. With imported, domestic polyester needle felt, anti static needle felt, PPS felt, polyester 729, PTFE needle felt, NOMEX needle felt, glass fiber needle felt, P-84 filter felt and so on, the glue point transfer compound or high temperature Non Gel hot melt composite. Features are: easy ash cleaning, long service life, high air emission standards.

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