PTFE Bacteria Separation Film

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PTFE Bacteria Separation Film

PTFE bacteria separation films are made with 100% imported PTFE dispersed resin without adding any substances through special processing. After double-direction stretching, the films are made out with compact, smooth and porous status. When the aperture diameter is established at the status of 0.2-0.5um, bacteria and blood can be separated for safer and more reliable liquid materials. They can be employed in filtration in many industries such as medicine, food and biological engineering.

Technical Parameters




4.Pore size:0.45um 

5.Bubble point:0.08-0.12mpa (Differential pressure 0.2mpa) 

6.Flow rate:4-6s/100ml/m2 

7.PH :0-14

PTFE Bacteria Separation Film PTFE Bacteria Separation Film

Main Features: 

1. Chemical stability and good adaption. 

2. Strong hydrophobic, be suitable for sterile filtration of gas and air.

3. good temperature resistance, filtration under high and low temperature conditions. 

4. High temperature steam sterilizing can be made in repeated status. 

5. Even aperture diameter distribution and reliable filtration effect. 

6. Strong acid and alkali resistance

7. Small pressure difference, large flow quantity, long service life and repeated high-temperature sterilizing. 

Material and Application Field  



Application Field

Food and beverage wine chemical pharmaceutical and other industries efficient aseptic filtration core

Base material manufacturer

American BBA




Wire-like flat

post processing

ePTFE film lamination


Flux large, broad applicability, good chemical compatibility, High hydrophobic for air purification sterilization , no phase change, high efficiency energy saving, no secondary pollution, filtering with high precision(0.5UM filter),resistant to ozone, high temperature