PTFE Dust, Bacteria Of Masks Used In Film

PTFE Dust, Bacteria Of Masks Used In Film
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PTFE air filter membrane

PTFE air filter film is crystallized PTFE material in close to the melting temperature, extrusion film with quickly pulling speed, cooling after the film was the second extension drawing that the thin film has a three-dimensional structure. The diameter, thickness and porosity can be more according to the requirements in the tension adjustment, to produce the film can be applied to a variety of composite processing of the surface of the filter material, the filter accuracy is greatly improved, to intercept the dust on the membrane surface, easy cleaning fabric greatly prolongs the service life.    

   PTFE dust, bacteria of masks used in film

PTFE dust, bacteria of masks used in film

     This product uses the import PTFE resin raw material, through a special process. The pore size, pore size distribution, porosity rate, antibacterial, sterilization and other technology. Control of membrane permeability size and antibacterial property. To prevent the bacteria in the air to enter and bactericidal effect. With imports, domestic nonwoven composite. Widely used in: medical masks, breathing tube. Features are: large permeability, antibacterial, sterilization. The specific parameters are as follows:



Hole removal rate %

Gate widthmm

Ventilation rate

Temperature tolerance ℃