PTFE Clothing Films

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PTFE Clothing Films

Sano ePTFE clothing film uses special technology to make the ePTFE micronized resin to be tiny film pores whose diameter is between 100-500 nano, and every square centimeter has 90 billions tiny pores(Microscope at a magnification of 5000times). The pore size of the micropores is 1/120000 of the water molecule,it is 700 times bigger than water vapor molecules aperture, making the film not only waterproof but also breathable. It can compound with any material to improve the waterproof, wet, preventing wind and warm functions of the clothing, so it is called Breathing film, making people more comfortable.

Technical Parameters

1.Code :SANO-TEX-M-02

2.thickness :20-30um

3.Breadth :1600mm

4.Length :300-500m

5.Aperture :0.2um

6.hydrostatic pressure :10000mmH2O↑(ISO 811 AATCC-127)before washing

7.WVT :10000g/m².24hr(ASTM E96 BW JIS L1099 B1) before washing

8.flux sir (RET):4pa.m²/w↓(ISO 11092)

9.wind breaking property :EN14058 PASS

10.breathability :5-10L/m².s( pressure difference 200pa)

11.anti-ultraviolet UV:50+(excellent)

12.washing durability :During detergent continuous washing  five times , water pressure drop to about  10000mmH2O

13.PH value :0-14


PTFE clothing films of Advantage

PTFE clothing films are micro films that made with the aperture feature of PTFE resin through double-direction stretching forming. It makes the film with good water proofing, permeating and humidity permeation effect. The micro aperture of the film is extremely small and bent irregular arrangement, which makes wind disable to get through, so make it windproof and warm keeping. The film with good abrasion resistance and washable characteristics. It can be processed with any kind of compound fabric.

 The above characteristics makes the PTFE clothing films be widely used in many kinds of auxiliary materials such as special protective clothes, outdoor sports clothes, shoes, caps and gloves and many kinds of materials such as sleeping bags, tents and rain gears in many industries such as military clothes, medical clothing, leisure clothing, fire fighting, toxin-resistant soaking operation. They will make the people feel comfortable.

Material and Application Field 



Application Field

(1)Field army service, multi-purpose police uniforms ,fire service and other functional clothing 
(2)Climbing, hiking boots, ski suits, golf apparel, outdoor apparel
(3)Medical and health industry protective clothing 
(4)Sleeping bags ,high-performance jackets, army tents 
(5)Windbreaker, snow suits, raincoats

Base material manufacturer


post processing

Using PUR reactive hot-melt adhesive composite environmental protection technology of moisture。

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