PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane

Product Details

PTFE Hydrophilic Membrane

PTFE Hydrophilic Membranes with surface filtration mechanism, small apertures and high porosity feature. It has a lager flux that other filtration films can hardly reach. Therefore, the product is widely used in environmental protection, such as the industrial wastewater discharge of platinum, chemical industry and petroleum. It is important for the recycling of rare metals and industrial chemicals.

Technical Parameters

1.Code :SNQS-M-0.2um

2.thickness :30-40um

3.Breadth :260-1300mm

4.Length :100-300m

5.Aperture :0.2um

6.Alcohol bubble point :0.14-0.18mpa( pressure difference 0.2mpa)

7.liquid flow :3.0m³/m².hr

8.PH value :0-14

PTFE Hydrophilic MembranePTFE Hydrophilic Membrane

Sano e-PTFE liquid filter film is a kind of hydrophilic filter film which uses ePTFE hydrophobic film by special chemical processes. So it has the features of surface filter mechanism and small pore size, high porosity, big flux. The film can bombine with any acupuncture, spunlace nonwoven material for hot-temperature compound. Therefore the product widely uses in environment filtration fields such as industrial wastewater discharge perkin, chemical and petroleum industries, and it is important for the rare metals and chemical raw material recovery.

Main Features:  

1. Large flux. 

2. Widely applicability, good chemical compatibility.

3. No phase change, high efficiency, energy saving, no secondary pollution. 

4. High filtering precision (0.5 UM filtration).

5. Resistance to ozone layer

Material and Application Field 



Application Field

Urban sewage, industrial waste, chemical and other industries irrigation microfiltration。

Base material manufacturer

Import base material (JapanToray, Japan Unitika, Japan Hirose, Cologne Korea, the United States HV) can Thermal compounding。 。


60g/m² 、100g/m² 、120g/m² 、150g/m²、180g/m² 、200g/m² 、240 g/m² 、260g/m²。


Flat woven fabrics, non-woven stripes, dots nonwoven。

post processing

ePTFEfilm mulching


Flux large, broad applicability, good chemical compatibility, no phase change, high efficiency energy saving, no secondary pollution, filtering with high precision(0.5UM filter),resistant to ozone, high temperature