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Air compressor filter effects and expiration applicable hazards!!!

Dec 20, 2016

1, the role of air compressor air filter

Air compressor air filter to prevent dust and other harmful substances in the air into the compressor.

1.1, to ensure that the use of lubricants, oil filters, oil and gas separation filter life

1.2, improve intake air quality, reduce operating costs, extend the life of equipment;

1.3, use an abandoned air compressor air filter, can lead to a lot of particles of dust into the air pressure systems, resulting in lube oil deterioration ahead, resulting in wear between the various components of the air compressor, or device is damaged directly.

1.4, year-round air compressor air filter replacement, can lead to narrowing of the filtering surface, decreasing the intake, increasing equipment operating costs

2, the role of oil filter

Oil filter is the oil filter, oil filter is to filter the oil debris, Colloid and water pumping clean oil to lubrication.

2.1, oil filter ensures filtration material fully compatible with rotors lubricants;

2.2 corrosion, excellent waterproof performance, and can withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees;

2.3, oil filter bypass valve opened precisely to ensure that compressors lubrication under harsh working conditions, ensuring the normal operation of the compressor;

2.4, oil filter housing to withstand frequent pulse pressure.