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Air compressor oil and gas separation filter installation and maintenance

Dec 20, 2016

Air compressor oil and gas separation filter installation and maintenance

Installation and maintenance

When individual according to the published economic considerations when determining final pressure, oil separator filter element must be replaced, install or replace the filter must be taken to ensure there are no errors. Such as rotating seals correctly (static measures) emissions management of oil remaining oil, oil return pipe must be of sufficient length to reach the bottom end cap. At the time of installation and replacement of gas-oil separation filter, the most important thing is to ensure the separation tank oil and hydrocarbon separator cleaning on the dry side, easy to operate oil and gas separation filter surface of the separation layer, increase of oil carryover, efficiency, filter impurities plug return lines on the dry side, resulting in gas and oil.

The destruction of oil-gas separator design pressure 4bar, so after the air compressor pressure valve in the calculations should be opened gradually until it reaches the load consumption needs, absolutely no suddenly emptied, resulting in separation of oil and gas separation filter fine layers of rupture and oil-gas separator of compressed, and large numbers of oil-carrying. Beyond the use of oil-gas separator design flow rate range, oil carryover will increase.

Second, some of the measures to ensure that oil and gas separation filter life

Satisfactory service life of oil-gas separator is a prerequisite for the correct management of oil, gas-oil separation cartridge working life is mainly limited to fine only isolation layer deposition of solid particles, the result is the increase of pressure. Usually on time change air filter and oil filter oil change and maintain in a certain time interval, you can limit access to oil contamination in the circulating loop, so that you can do to reduce dirt in the oil and gas separation filter, can prolong the working life of oil-gas separator. Oil used is also very important, and should only use certified aging resistance and water sensitivity of oil, antioxidant deficiency do not apply oil after running for a short period of time due to the formation of residues from the jelly-like and will blocked oil and gas separation filter, high test also will accelerate the ageing of the oil. Corresponding attention must also provide cold air and a cooler medium.

Oil change must replace all used oil in order to avoid changing the brand of oil, residual oil and new oil change phase between channeling and thousands of adverse reactions and damage.

Three recommendations, for reference

Screw air compressor running failure resulting in reduced life expectancy.

Compressed-air reflow or wave cause damage to the fine separation layer, such injuries are usually not visible. Therefore cannot be determined with the naked eye, on the other hand separating layer carrying measurement of small injuries can cause significant increases. To identify this problem requires a more thorough investigation. Measurement and destructive testing of oil carryover. Factory consultation arrangements for such investigations, such investigations have to charge a fee.