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Air compressor oil and gas separation filter working principle

Dec 20, 2016

1. air compressor parts:

Oil and gas separator is the key to quality air compressor parts, high quality oil and gas separation filter not only can ensure the efficient work of the compressor, and oil and gas separation filter life of up to thousands of hours.

2. oil and gas separation filter description:

Oil and gas separator is the production of crude oil and associated natural gas separation device. Oil and gas separator between the submersible pump and protector, free gas and liquid separation in fluids, liquids for submersible pump, gas tubing and casing annulus.

3. oil and gas separation filter:

Sometimes separation filter for oil-gas-water isolation, buffering, measurement of sediment and other purposes. Shape generally have three forms, vertical, horizontal, ball.

4. performance parameters

After the separation of gas oil content: 3PPM w/w

Initial pressure: ≤ 0.02MPa

Replacement of differential pressure: 0.7MPa

Service life: 3000~4500h

In oil gathering under the action of gravity at the bottom of oil-gas separator through the bottom recess tubing imported back head lubricating oil system, which makes the compressor discharge more pure oil-free compressed air. Compressed air after oil and gas separation of solid particles remaining in the filter when the filter layer, which led to oil and gas separation filter differential pressure is increasing.

There are many types of air compressor, air compressor, piston-type machine, centrifugal air compressors, scroll compressors, screw-type air compressor market has great potential and is widely used in many industries. Air compressor in the control of the loading-unloading valve is used to control air compressor gas due to differences in working cycles or production equipment, gas consumption fluctuates, sometimes causing frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor. Air compressor running frequency even after uninstall, not only wastes energy and increases the mechanical wear of the equipment, and load is a sudden process, greater impact on the equipment and power grids. So fidelity frequency conversion transformation of air compressor accessories to improve motor starting and running, reduce mechanical wear and tear, within a certain range of energy saving effect