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Application of glass fiber high temperature filter bag

Sep 16, 2018

Fiberglass fabric is specially woven and surface treated with fiberglass filter cloth, so it is an ideal filter material with high temperature resistance, medium temperature, low temperature and high humidity.

Glass fiber high-temperature filter bag is the last equipment used in the acid-making purification process of copper smelting flue gas. It works under the high temperature of 200300 C and is corroded by acid flue gas. Therefore, the material problem of filter bag will directly affect the normal production of sulfuric acid.

It is made of alkali-free glass fiber 80N 82 yarn and impregnated with graphite-polytetrafluoroethylene solution. The fabric has a double tubular structure of 5/2 weft Satin weft. The requirements and specifications for glass fiber high-temperature filter bags are:

1. conditions of use:

Use temperature 200 1 300QC

Filtration speed is less than 1 m / min.

Operating pressure differential 400 600 mm water column

Blow back air pressure 4 1 6 kg

2. smoke components:

The particle size is below 5 micron.

Population dust 100 1 500 mg / M 3

50: content 3~5%

The content of 50: was 0. 1 one 0.5%

The sulfur content of the monomer is 1000 mg / M "fluoride content 04 04 mg mg".

3 technical requirements:

The service life is more than three months.

The filtration efficiency is >95% (population dust content is 10).

Less than 5 mg / m when the outlet is below mg milligram.

Glass fiber high temperature filter bag is a conventional industrial filter cloth, widely used in valuable dust purification, environmental recovery, industrial dust removal has played a great role.