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Auto Film can be divided into four categories?

Jul 22, 2017

Auto Film can be divided into four categories?

The first kind of car film is coated with composite process film, the main role is to block the strong sunlight, this type of car film is produced earlier, basically do not have the role of insulation, early called sun paper, also called tea The

The second Auto Film is a stained film, the market seen on the dyeing of the Auto Film for the deep dyeing process, with a deep dyeing method of adding heat absorber, absorb the infrared rays in the sun to achieve the effect of insulation. Because it also absorbs visible light, resulting in visible light penetration is not enough, coupled with their own process limit, poor clarity. Another major weakness of such films is that the insulation function decays quickly, and is easy to fade, the price is relatively cheap.

The third type of Auto Film is a vacuum heat evaporation film, using a vacuum heat evaporation process, is the aluminum layer evaporated on the substrate, to achieve heat insulation effect. This is also commonly referred to as the field of metal film, with more lasting heat insulation, but the weakness lies in the clarity is not high, affecting the visual comfort, the other prominent weakness is higher reflective.

The fourth Auto Film is a metal magnetron sputtering film. This is the highest process of glass film, produced in the late 90s, experienced a variety of technological innovations. The use of electric field and magnetic field principle high-speed high-strength metal particles evenly sputtered on high-tension PET substrate. Magnetron sputtering process products in addition to a very good metal texture, stable insulation performance, but also has other processes can not achieve the clarity and low light and lasting color. Magic card smart color film is used in the production of this technology.


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