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Cartridge loaded wrong can?

Dec 20, 2016

1, the role of oil filter

Oil filter function removes the impurities, Colloid and water pumping clean oil to lubrication, serve to protect the proper functioning of the device.

2, the composition of the oil filter

Housing: provides excellent strength and compressive fatigue behavior

Spring: the component is firmly in the proper position

Bypass valve: variable according to OEM

Filter: filters the impurities in the oil

Skeleton: supporting fixed oil filter

Water valve: prevents backflow

End cap: link parts

3, engine oil filter element filtration accuracy

Filtration accuracy range: 3um-30um

Accuracy depends on the size of oil filter filter pleats, folds more, higher precision, the smaller the number, and vice versa.

Oil filter appropriate filtering accuracy to a higher degree of efficiency, high precision blocks, low precision cleaning not clean impurities through the filter into the equipment, had been lost. Of caution!!!