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Cleaning of air compressor filter element replacement

Dec 20, 2016

Air compressor air filter, oil filter, oil-gas separator, commonly known as air compressor filter

I. replacement of the oil filter

1, the oil filter unscrew and discard.

2, carefully clean the filter housings, differential pressure before and after dredging through holes.

3, check the pressure difference of write performance.

4, new oil filter oil (oil filter filter coated with oil on the sealing ring).

5, when installed oil filter, spin to the contact seals, then hand-tighten 1/3 ring.

6, reboot, and check for leaks.

Second, oil and gas separation filter replacement

1, remove the minimum pressure valve on the connection hose and copper tubing.

2, remove tubing copper pipe next time.

3, remove the cover plate.

4, taking oil and gas separation filter

5, clean barrel.

After 6, changed oil and gas separation filter, in the reverse order installed.

To avoid screw compressor was prematurely wear, refined oil and gas separator filter is blocked, usually after running 500H, you need to clean or replace the air filter air compressor; in dusty areas, replacement of shorter time. Oil and gas separation filter replacement must be shut down, in order to reduce downtime, proposals for a new, or clean spare filter.

Three, air compressor air filter cleaning replacing:

1, on a flat surface, take turns tapping two end of air compressor air filter to remove most heavy and dry dust.

2, 0.28Mpa dry air along with inhaled air blowing in the opposite direction, from the nozzle with folded paper at least 25mm, and along the upper and lower the height of air compressor air filter blows.

3, air compressor air filter inspection, is found to be thinning, pinholes or damaged places, should be abandoned.