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Folding-type primary efficiency air filter the correct cleaning method

Dec 20, 2016

What is a folding-type air filter?

Foldable air filters for air conditioning system of the primary filter used to filter dust particles 5 μ m or more. Apart from the folding-type primary efficiency air filter, and primary efficiency air filters have a plate, bag the two styles. Air filter box material with paper box, aluminum frame, galvanized iron box air filter filter materials are non-woven cloth, nylon mesh, activated carbon filter, metal mesh, air-filter protective nets double-sided coating of barbed wire and galvanized barbed wire on both sides.

Folded air filter cleaning method

1. disconnect the air purification system of power, the fan stops turning, open air filter access door, loosen four fixed-wire filters the air pressure spring; gently remove cleaning the air filter needs to be replaced, packed in plastic bags sent to the clean room.

2. first air filter filter surface flip outwards, gently tapping the air filter with a stick, remove air filter surface float, soak for 15 minutes then add the detergent solution, using pressure-washing away the dust and dirt, rinse with tap water, using pressure slightly to remove some of the water.

3. wash the air filter to dry washing machine water, then the dryer tumble dry at temperature below 60.

4. air filter cleaning should check for damage, such as air filter hole on the surface or scattered, the new air filter should be replaced.

5. after the return air and fresh air filter uses the detergent to wash, rinse with tap water.

6. clean inside the air conditioning unit with a damp cloth, especially to clean the filter frame and associated components, ensure that you replace loose when dirt is clean.

7. gently into the air filters, and pressure spring pressure.

8. General inspection every air filter, ensure that reliable.