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How do we know if the bag filter is bad in operation?

Sep 16, 2018

Before we can decide whether the dust collector should change the bag, we should check if it is broken: these should be very simple, open the maintenance door above, look directly at the top and the surrounding pockets can see that the point is about the same, no defect and broken bag outlet must be different! However, the method of investigating the ash accumulation at the filter bag orifice in the above floors can not precisely locate the broken filter bag, only a small range can be delineated. During the operation, the gas chambers are closed manually and the discharge ports are investigated together, and the ash leakage room is determined.

1. If there is a dust collector with a blowpipe, the dust on the spray pipe corresponding to the broken filter bag will be dusty. This comparison is brief. It's not easy to find a duster with a gas-box pulse. First look at which chamber has dust, and then look around the dust accumulation. The dust collector in the bag can be attached to the dust collector.

2. Is there a micro-positive pressure phenomenon in the sealing chamber or the sealing space connecting the lower part of the dust collector with the dust hopper? If there is one, it can open the upper cover of the dust collector injection room and investigate the bag hole of the dust collector. Which (forced out by micro-positive pressure) comes out of the dust, and the bag of the dust collector is broken.

3. If there is no micro-positive pressure working condition, the upper cover of the injection chamber can be opened directly, and the blower can be operated. The cloth bag will be damaged if the hole of the cloth bag is extracted ash. In the toxic gas environment, can only look at the simplest useful, can shorten the operating time of the fan. It can be done by throwing fluorescent powder, but the quotation may be more expensive, but it works very well.

In the category of bag filter, what kind of dust-containing flue gas the bag filter can handle depends primarily on the conditions of the chemical fiber used to make the bag. Therefore, we must understand the performance test method of the dust collector cloth bag, in order to select the most suitable dust collector cloth bag. The contents of verification and testing for dust bag bags are as follows:

1. Mechanical properties: such as cracking strength, cracking elongation, longitude and weft load elongation of filter bag, bursting strength of filter material, etc.

2. Filtering characteristics: such as resistance coefficient, static dust removal power, dynamic dust removal power, filter material dynamic resistance, regeneration resistance coefficient and dust stripping rate.

3. special functional properties such as temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, electrostatic properties, hydrophobicity and so on.

4. Physical properties of dust collector bag, such as mass per unit area, thickness, undulation, weaving arrangement, fabric density, volume density and porosity of nonwovens, etc.

5. appearance check: puncture, defect, black spot, jumper, broken line, joint number. Normal flue gas temperature conditions, only need to be able to withstand the dust collector bag below 150 degrees Celsius temperature, these occasions, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and other chemical fibers can play a fundamental role.