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What is the introduction and structure of hydrophilic membrane? What is ultrafiltration membrane filtration?

Jul 05, 2017

What is the introduction and structure of hydrophilic membrane? What is ultrafiltration membrane filtration?

Hydrophilic membrane is a kind of ultrafiltration membrane, which can filter some harmful substances in water. This membrane can filter water under very small pressure.

Introduction of ultrafiltration membrane

Ultrafiltration membrane is widely used in industry, and has become one of the new unit operations of chemical engineering. A terminal process for separating, concentrating and purifying biological products, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry; also used in blood treatment, wastewater treatment, and ultrapure water preparation. In China, ultrafiltration membranes have been successfully used to concentrate and purify Chinese herbal medicines. With the development of technology, the screening function of ultrafiltration membrane will be improved and strengthened, and its contribution to human society will be more and more big.

Structure of ultrafiltration membrane

The structure of the ultrafiltration membrane is symmetrical and asymmetrical. The former is not isotropic, cortex, all directions of the pore are the same, which belongs to the deep filtration; the latter has a dense surface and the finger like structure based bottom layer, surface layer thickness of 0.01 microns or less, and has micropores arranged orderly, bottom thickness of 200 to 250 microns, which belongs to the surface filtration. Industrial ultrafiltration membranes are usually asymmetric membranes. The membrane ultrafiltration membranes are mainly of cellulose and its derivatives, polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene fluoride, polysulfone, polyacrylonitrile, polyamide, polysulfone amide, sulfonated polysulfone, cross-linked polyvinyl alcohol, acrylic polymer etc..

Ultrafiltration membrane filtration

Ultrafiltration membrane filtration with pressure difference as the driving force is ultrafiltration membrane filtration. Most UF membranes are made from acetate fibers or polymers with similar properties. The most suitable solution for separation and enrichment of solutes in solution is also commonly used in the separation of colloidal suspensions, which are difficult to accomplish by other separation techniques, and their application is expanding.


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