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What is the difference between hydrophilic membranes and non hydrophilic membranes?

Jul 05, 2017

What is the difference between hydrophilic membranes and non hydrophilic membranes?

Non hydrophilic membrane, in the mass transfer process of filtration, colloid, oil, protein and other pollutants into the pie attached on the surface of the membrane by simple backwashing is difficult to clean, non hydrophilic membrane operation of high pressure and high frequency of chemical cleaning; and the hydrophilic membrane filtration in the mass transfer process. Colloid, oil, protein and other pollutants together in a spherical shape on the membrane surface, the spherical agglomerates, easily from membrane detachment, through simple backwashing can clean the hydrophilic membrane low operating pressure and low frequency of chemical cleaning.

Comparison of backwashing and chemical cleaning of the hydrophilic membrane and non hydrophilic membrane, such as chemical cleaning shown the hydrophilic membrane chemical cleaning cycle is relatively long, good recovery, in every chemical cleaning cycle, the flux recovery after backwashing is close to 100%; chemical cleaning cycle non hydrophilic membrane was short every chemical cleaning cycle after backwashing flux recovery is only 80--90%; so in the water treatment project, the hydrophilic membrane than the hydrophilic UF membrane has obvious advantages in service life, good to maintain a stable flow, design flow.


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