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It can improve the efficiency of dusting cloth bags from different aspects.

Aug 18, 2018

1. we must strengthen the sealing of dust bags. Dust removal system is mainly composed of equipment body and dust collection system and other equipment, such as star unloader, import and export valves, conveying equipment and pipelines, inspection doors, etc.

Strengthen the sealing of the inspection holes and doors, inspection doors should be double-decked doors, the door to be sealed around the use of heat-resistant silicone rubber;

It is also necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the sealing of conveying equipment and to eliminate the phenomenon of air leakage. All joints of the shell should be welded continuously, and leakage seams and openings should not occur. Therefore, the inspection and spot inspection of the dust collection system should be strengthened to check the sealing type and integrity of the air duct of the dust collector and the ceiling of the shell, and the departments with exposed seams should be repaired and welded in time.

2. strengthen the management of dust and reduce the concentration of smoke and dust. When the design is complete, there must be some technical requirements for the inlet concentration, temperature and wind speed of the dust collector. In the production system transformation, we have to increase customs, increase dust spots, this time we need to consider the ability of the dust collector and the possible consequences, it is best to match each other.

3. reduce the damage of dust bag. Dust bag outlet is the easiest to break. When installing and repairing or replacing the bag, attention should be paid to overlapping the center line of the nozzle with the center line of the bag. Otherwise, the bag outlet will be damaged.

When using dust bag, the staff must remember the maintenance of the bag, so that not only affects the life of the bag, the bag's dust removal effect is also affected.

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