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PTFE air filter membrane

Nov 06, 2017

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, non-adhesion and hydrophobic properties, prepared by biaxially oriented PTFE microporous membrane, with a fiber staggered microporous structure, the porosity High, small and uniform pore size, therefore, PTFE microporous membrane with lower resistance can get higher efficiency. The above-mentioned PTFE microporous membrane and polyester spunbond, spunlaced non-woven fabrics, needle felt and other scaffolding material together to form a PTFE covered membrane material to improve its strength and stiffness, to meet the requirements of downstream applications.


1. High filtration efficiency, to meet the sub-efficient, high efficiency, ultra-efficient air filter filter efficiency level requirements.

2. Compared to other high efficiency filter materials, PTFE microporous membrane has a high PF value, good filtration performance. (PF value represents an indicator of the balance between filtration efficiency and pressure loss. The larger the PF value, the better the filtration. The formula is as follows:

PF value = -log (1-filtration efficiency) / pressure loss * 1000

Pressure loss unit: Pa, test flow rate: 5.3cm / s, particle size range: 0.1 ~ 0.2μm. )

3. Membrane pore size is small, and the material after high-temperature heat-setting treatment, the microporous structure is stable, so under high wind speed can effectively intercept dust particles.

4. PTFE material hydrophobic, low surface energy, with good non-adhesion, it is easy to remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the material, so you can use water flushing recovery performance, to achieve re-use, greatly extending the service life.

5. Surface filtration mechanism, can be easily cleared by mechanical vibration or wipe dust accumulation.

Application areas:

(1) air purification filter

Widely used in vacuum cleaner folding filter and indoor air filter folding filter, with high efficiency, easy cleaning, washable features.

2) industrial dust filter

Dust filter bags help power plants, cement plants, steel mills and other reliable control of particulate emissions and pollution. PTFE membrane filter bag to reliably capture particles to ensure near zero emissions, with excellent dust stripping performance, extended service life and stability, thereby reducing costs.



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