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PTFE filter membrane

Apr 21, 2018

PTFE filter membrane -- high temperature steam removing bacteria

The PTFE gas filtration membrane is imported from abroad and accords with FDA standard. It has uniform pore size and persistent hydrophobicity. Bubble point high, large flux, resistance loss is small, 100% sterilization. It is suitable for aseptic intake of fermentor, storage tank and other aseptic intake, exhaust filtration, aseptic filtration of compressed gas, liquid gas separation, ultra purification filtration of electronic industry, bioengineering, precision machinery and other industries, and clean air for aseptic packaging.

PTFE organic liquid ultrafiltration membrane

PTFE organic liquid filtration membrane has great strength and is suitable for organic liquid, catalyst, cleaning solution, etchant, concentrated acid, strong alkali filtration, membrane distillation, oil and water separation in petroleum industry and recovery of catalyst waste water.

PTFE water based liquid filtration membrane

The United States patent technology, the world's leading hydrophilic processing technology, high temperature, no drop, no adsorption, in line with FDA 177-1550 and USP VI. It is suitable for filtration in the pharmaceutical industry, such as water injection, infusion, serum, biological products, protein solution, feed and antibiotics of fermentor. Ultra pure water preparation, optical disc, computer display screen and water filtration of silicon crystal production in electronic industry. Sterilization and filtration of pure draft beer, wine, high purity water and mineral water in the beverage industry. Chemical raw material filtration in the chemical industry.

PTFE fuel cell base film

Imported, uniform pore size and uniform thickness are suitable for proton exchange fuel cell basement membrane.

Filter membrane of PTFE air filter

High filtration efficiency, long service life and low pressure loss. Compared with the traditional air filter material, the pressure loss is very small, and the operation cost can be reduced greatly, and the problem of using the traditional air filter material to produce boron will not appear. It is the ideal filter material for strict dust-free workshop and clean room. It is used in the air purification field of pharmaceutical clean workshop, precision electronic workshop, biosafety laboratory, operation room, fine chemical engineering, aerospace laboratory and so on.


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