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Several filter methods of oil-gas separator!!

Dec 20, 2016

A: filtering

With glass funnels with a nail 10mL suction filter oil separator filter; place a diameter slightly larger than that of glass in glass nail nail tail plane of the paper with solvent wetted and exhaust so as not make it close to the funnel filter solids from filter paper and funnel wall asked to leak.

II: filter dropper filter

For volume less than 2mL of suspension of filter, set with two support hair fine dropper tie for filter, that with clean fine wire will a small mission cotton close fill into a support hair fine dropper of fine tube in the, made filter dropper, with another a support capillary will suspension transfer to filter dropper in the, in filter dropper jacket Shang rubber drops head, oil and gas separation filter will filtrate gently extrusion, this method compared applies Yu baotian filtrate of filter operation.

Three: centrifugal filtering

This method is filled with the centrifuge tube in a centrifuge for centrifugation of the mixture, use dust collector filter body sinks to the bottom of the centrifuge tube, then use the Eyedropper to clear liquid above, this method applied to retain solids filtration.

Four: heat filter

Trace liquid of hot filter available filter dropper filter, that with fine end domain collection cotton of filter dropper draw hot of filter liquid, then will with cotton of fine tube part cut accounted for ditch will filtrate transfer to clean container in the can, also desirable a length right of glass tube, in its near end at melting pulled outline made a with trumpet of hair fine dropper, in trumpet in plug into a small mission cotton, dropper upper sets Shang rubber drops head.