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The Seven Roles Of The Auto Film

Jun 12, 2017

  The seven roles of the Auto Film

  Reduce heat loss

  Winter, can effectively reduce the car heat loss, high-quality thermal explosion-proof membrane can reduce heat loss of about 34%.

  Filter the light

  Can effectively filter the sun's glare light and night two cars meet the dazzling light, enhance comfort and safety.

  Blocking ultraviolet rays

  UV is the main factor in the sun's spectrum that causes skin burns, skin cancer and car dashboards, seats and textiles to fade and degenerate.

  Protect personal safety

  After the glass is accidentally broken,Auto Film the insulating film can adhere the broken glass to the original place, prevent the glass splash wounding, and enhance the prevention of accidents such as accidents and storms.

  Blocking heat

  Professional insulation explosion-proof membrane can block the heat of the sun 50-85%,Auto Film significantly reduce the car temperature, improve vehicle comfort.

  Enhance anti-theft

  The special structure of the explosion-proof explosion-proof membrane and super-strong adhesion can greatly enhance the glass strength, enhance the glass impact resistance, delay the thieves succeeded time, the experiment shows that when the high-quality car explosion-proof film,Auto Film crushed a piece of glass Of the time from a few seconds to tens of seconds.According to police statistics, 10 seconds is enough to make the hearts of criminals panic, quit.


  Many car owners have a higher demand for privacy.Special car insulation film has a good one-way perspective function, the diaphragm through the physical reflection of the outer surface of the film after the formation of a certain percentage of the external brightness, from Outside the car will have a visual reflection, which is not easy to see inside the people and items, the formation of a certain degree of privacy.