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Air Compressor Oil Consumption Or Oil Content Causes And Exclusion

Dec 20, 2016

If the compressor is running in the large fuel consumption or increased oil content in the compressed air, and find out why from the following aspects:

1, air compressor oil too few barrels of oil, the oil level is too low.

Troubleshooting: Add lubricating oil to a standard location.

2, air compressor pipe return pipe blockage in the system, causing oil core unable to return to the oil in the oil tank.

Troubleshooting: dismantling oil return pipe and clean up the oil pipe line.

3, air compressor oil return pipe installation does not meet the requirements, leading to fly air compressor oil. Many customers use for some time after the compressor, for reasons of cost using alternative maintenance unit, from substitute size does not meet the specific quality requirements, great return pipe installed does not meet factory standards.

Exclude ways: replace the oil core, adjust the distance back to the bottom of the tubing and the oil core.

4, oil and gas separation filter broken air compressor fuel consumption significantly increases.

Elimination methods: the replacement of the oil core.

5, gas-oil separation cartridge barrel internal partition is damaged, lead screw air compressor oil consumption.

Exclude ways: welded oil and gas separation filter barrel internal partition again.

6, air-compressor unit leakage.

Exclude ways: maintenance, fastening, if necessary.

7, oil deterioration or prolonged use, internal failure of additives.

Exclude ways: lubricating oil, replace with new oil.

8, oil and gas separation filter using extended or jam.

Exclude ways: replaced with new oil and gas separator, air compressor air filter replacement.