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Application Of PTFE Reproducing Materials

Mar 18, 2018

The PTFE regenerated powder with simple mechanical pulverization is not widely used due to its large particle size, but it still retains its original properties. The main applications are as follows:

(1) hot press molding: ptfe reworked material to be included in the mold, placed in a sintering furnace temperature to 380 ℃ in 1 ~ 2 hours, take out again after pressure to 15 mpa pressure molding machine. This kind of PTFE is widely used as sealing gasket for low pressure, and its performance is better than other products.

(2) : extrusion and compression molding, 1 ~ 2 hours at 380 ℃ heat preservation; The PTFE is then extruded into a thick wall tube or bar with a plunger extrusion or spiral extrusion process.

(3) as a filler or additive: most PTFE is now produced in chengdu as a filler, which is mixed with a certain proportion and new material to make a product. The disadvantage is that the adhesion of raw materials is poor. The specific process is: raw material + new material + other fillings, mixing uniform, molding, sintering and product.

Such as formulation of some research institutes is (quality copies) : pure ptfe 30, 100, waste ptfe powder, copper powder, 70, 2 molybdenum disulfide, the performance of the product and similar products. Adding raw material to other products, such as rubber, can significantly alter its performance.