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Auto Film Bubble On The Human Body Is Really Great Harm!

Aug 02, 2017

  Auto Film bubble on the human body is really great harm!

  Whether often on the road to see some of the vehicle's solar film has been blistering, but the owner of this is not agree, not knowing the seemingly humble sun film bubble hazards really small. Owners do not want to spend money also continue to use, and quickly replaced the best.

  One is to protect the sun for the sun, the second is for the beautiful, the quality of the sun film is not qualified or foil technology, but after the Auto Film caused soon after the bubble, so not only the United States did not, the function is no longer exist. At the same time, the driver and the car will also affect the health of passengers.

  The cause of the solar film blistering

  External causes of a window glass heating wire. Now the rear window glass are generally equipped with heating wire, heating wire has a defrost function, the safety of traffic. But the heat generated by the heating wire is affixed to the inside of the glass by the sun's membrane can not be quickly dispersed, and bare glass in the winter but can quickly cool, tightly attached to the glass in the solar film thermal expansion and contraction can not With the synchronization, in a cold and heat gradually relaxed, there is blistering sooner or later.

  External reasons Second, the film technology level and tools. Solar film is a semi-finished products, posted on the window glass on the effectiveness of a lot depends on the foil master film technology and whether the use of professional film tools.

  Internal cause, the quality of the solar film itself. Multi-layer structure of the polyester film is the preferred substrate for many brands of solar film, Auto Film reliable performance and stability, good toughness. There will be no bubbling phenomenon. The owner of the film to the full range of qualified car beauty shop, so that the experience of the old master of the use of foil film paste the regular manufacturers of licensed solar film licensed.

  Sun film blistering hazards

  After the car exposure, the car body formaldehyde content may rise. Because the car which contains formaldehyde, mainly from its pads, seat cover or foil and so on. Auto Film Formaldehyde is in the form of adhesive sticky, gel heat with the temperature increases, the time is extended, it will increase the amount of volatilization, which will lead to increased concentration of formaldehyde inside the car. While the domestic car because of formaldehyde excessive harm to the health of the owners of the news is endless. From March 1, 2012, the National Standards Committee and the Ministry of Environmental Protection jointly issued the "Passenger Car Air Quality Evaluation Guide", which guides eight kinds of hazardous substances in passenger cars, Is benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene, ethylene, vinyl aldehyde, etc., control these harmful substances is also the World Health Organization requirements, these substances on human health have a very serious harm, the community attaches great importance to the future of car consumers Will also pay more attention to the quality of air inside the car.

  Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong stimulating odor of the gas, soluble in water, alcohol and ether. Formaldehyde in the car mainly from the adhesive. For example, many owners like to car the second renovation, buy some new car cushion, then these cushions are often relatively high hardness, hardness is relatively high cushion generally contain more adhesive, and most of the adhesive Are used to paste the urea formaldehyde resin together. Auto Film In addition, the car's foot pad, foil, paint paint inside the car will contain formaldehyde. Formaldehyde over the body on the human respiratory tract, skin and mucous membranes cause irritation, endangering human health.