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Auto Film Can Block More Than 99% Of Harmful Ultraviolet Rays

Oct 31, 2017

Driving for a long time in direct sunlight can cause limb weakness, distress and distraction. A good car foil can filter out the heat and glare in the sun, but also through the light, so you enjoy the way more bright, more comfortable scenery. In addition, the car foil super UV function, so that the goods inside the long as new. The film will be affixed to the glass window after the surface, the damaged glass will be fixed in place, thereby reducing the possible human injury, protect the property and prevent thieves.

Car film can be explosion-proof shockproof, thermal and flame-retardant features to prevent natural disasters and man-made damage to reduce personal injury; car foil can block more than 99% harmful UV, to protect the health; to prevent the car interior fade aging; Anti-theft anti-theft, so that the glass outside the shelter line of sight, protect privacy, create a private interior space, allowing you to enjoy comfort and comfort; car film to prevent glare glare, to prevent light pollution, protect eyesight.

The six standards that affect the quality of the car film is the first light transmission and clarity, which is the most important performance in the car membrane about traffic safety, high-grade automotive film regardless of the color depth, light transmission performance are good. Followed by heat insulation performance, the main function of the car foil is insulation, thermal insulation performance is not only the main criteria for evaluating the quality of the car film, but also the key to determine the price level. Another is the car film explosion-proof performance, good car film is made of special polyester film substrate, the film itself has a strong toughness, enhance the glass instantly hit the fight strength, and with special pressure sensitive glue, when the glass encountered an accident When the collision, the glass cracked after the film sticky will not splash wounding. Finally, the UV barrier properties, automotive film UV blocking rate is generally up to 99% or more. UV blocking can effectively prevent the goods from fading aging, to prevent the skin was burned, tan.

In addition, the car foil feel and wear resistance is to determine the quality of its quality standards, car film feel thick and smooth, good car membrane surface after hardening treatment, long-term use is not easy to scratch the surface. Low-grade film feel thin and brittle, easy to be scratched, the membrane is not clear. There is the color of the car film, the car film is usually used in the body dyeing and sputtering metal coloring method to make the film color, the body of the film so that the color of the film called natural color film, sputtering metal film with a metallic Called metal film, the use of these two methods of coloring the film is not easy to fade, especially the metal film.