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Auto Film Has Security Risks, Then How To Identify It?

Oct 10, 2017

Auto Film has security risks, then how to identify it?

There are three major problems in the Auto Film:

① Nearly half of the visibility indicators are not up to standard;

② nearly four into the sun and the insulation performance is not up to standard, easy to cause skin damage inside the car, the car interior aging in advance;

③ the so-called "front wind window explosion-proof membrane" basically no explosion-proof performance.

At the same time, CCTV gives the Auto Film to identify the tricks:

1, view the license and warranty card

Choose a business film, be sure to see if there is the brand of licensing and warranty card, if any words that is a franchise dealer, the quality is relatively more secure, if not then the source of supply is unknown. Most of the brand warranty card has a number, and there are manufacturers of telephone and test locations, easy to query, if there is no number or business information, then there may be "cottage warranty card."

2, look at the packaging

Before the film is best to look at the packaging and membrane axis on the volume number is consistent, whether there is altered label, if there is a change, then there may be recycled to the genuine packaging to fake. Generally well-known brand Auto Film, packaging above have the original label, membrane axis above the wall has a membrane label and membrane volume, the manufacturer through the film volume can be detected through the membrane of the various circulation. Most of the formal channels to the film, the box will have agents printed on the LOGO.

3, hand touch

In front of the film can be touched by hand, high-quality glass film feels a sense of thick and smooth, and poor quality film feels very thin and very soft, lack of adequate toughness, a slight fold is very easy to wrinkle.

4, with the nose smell

Poor quality of the film of the amount of glue, low cost, so when the tearing of the lining of the film will immediately emit pungent gas, and accompanied by a very smelly taste, affecting the health of passengers. And the real film after tearing without any irritating smell, it is used in environmental protection glue, will not affect the health of passengers.

5, check the anti-scratch effect

In the election when the owner can use nails in the glass film on the back and forth a few scraping, if it is easy to appear scratched, it may be false film. Because the quality of genuine film will have a layer of scratch-resistant coating, the film surface will not be so easily scratched, so genuine membrane life and warranty period will be longer.

6, look at the color

True film regardless of the color depth, have a good clarity and transmittance. And poor film will appear light distortion, and some will have a layer of misty feeling, not thorough enough. Fake film in the use of 1 to 2 years will appear more serious fade, the window glass down a little you can see, and true film will not appear this situation.

7, look at the price

Genuine film and poor quality of the purchase price gap between the great. Generally more formal chain store or 4S shop film prices are almost 2000 or more, and some Auto Parts City business offer in the thousand dollars below, then you need to be careful, do not seek cheap and finally used a false film.