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Auto Film Mainly Blocking Ultraviolet Rays

Oct 17, 2017

Summer, many people feel very uncomfortable, especially in the summer drive riders, and many riders want to buy a car film, but do not understand, so do not dare to buy, in order to solve the majority of riders doubts, Car foil in the end there is no use? Which car film can be posted and other issues, in order to make a brief introduction.

Car film is in front of the windshield glass, side windows and skylights coated with a layer of film-like objects, and this layer of film-like objects are also called solar film or called explosion-proof insulation film. Its role is mainly to block the ultraviolet rays, blocking part of the heat and to prevent the sudden burst of glass caused by wounding, etc., according to the solar film one-way perspective performance, to protect the privacy of the purpose. In addition, it can also reduce the car items and personnel due to damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, at some level to achieve the effect of saving fuel consumption.

In general, the automotive glass film has seven major benefits:

1, thermal sunscreen. The film can be a good solution to the infrared generated a lot of heat.

2, separated by ultraviolet light. UV in the wave, long wave can penetrate very thick glass, paste the insulation film can cut off 99% of the UV. Prevent skin damage, but also reduce the aging of the car interior. Such as 3M's crystal sharp 70 before the partition can cut off 99.9% UV, the sunscreen SPF40 equivalent to 56 times, so the United States to prevent skin cancer Association recommended products.

3, safety and explosion protection. Membrane base for the polyester film, there is a very tear-resistant anti-breakdown function, plus the film layer, the glass after the film can increase the strength of 100 times. To prevent accidental fragmentation of the glass caused by the officers and soldiers into secondary damage.

4, to create a private space. After the film, the car can not see the car, keep privacy and security.

5, reduce air conditioning and consumption. Air conditioning to reduce consumption by nearly 15%. Paste the insulation film air conditioning cooling capacity loss can be compensated, can instantly reduce the temperature inside the car, to achieve a certain degree of fuel savings.

6, increase the appearance. According to personal preferences, through the film to personalize the beautiful car.

7, anti-glare. Keep your eyes comfortable. Reduce the accident caused by glare factors.

Buy a car film do not believe that some miscellaneous brand, to choose the regular.