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Bacteria Separation FilmImprove Water Quality

Aug 18, 2017

The deterioration of the water environment and the growth of water demand are long-standing contradictions. When the environmental crisis and the energy crisis appear in our real life, we have a higher desire for healthy living. With the people of high quality and healthy drinking water and other factors, the drinking water treatment technology put forward new requirements.

First, the hotel drinking water treatment process in the membrane separation technology

Membrane separation technology commonly used pressure-driven membrane separation technology, microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) and other process methods. Membrane separation technology can provide stable and reliable water quality. The main mechanism of its separation of impurities in water is mechanical sieve effect, so the water quality depends largely on the size of the membrane pore size. Membrane technology in the rapid development of drinking water in the rapid development of the application of membrane water plant operation results show that they are better than the advantages of ozone - bio-activated carbon technology has better water quality, lower infrastructure and operating costs and easy to run The

For the small-scale water plant with serious pollution of water sources, the drinking water treatment process uses a microfiltration-nanofiltration combination process to ensure the production of high quality drinking water, even in the absence of chlorine disinfection, The secondary pollution caused by the proliferation of bacteria in the water distribution network, it can also be very effective in removing pathogenic microorganisms such as the genus Alzheimer and Giardia.

How to rationalize the sewage, how to use appropriate processing methods to remove water minerals, organic ingredients, harmful impurities and microbes, etc., at the same time, the use of water, water, water quality, water quality and water quality changes, But also to some extent to retain the human health must be a variety of trace elements and minerals, access to any additives (except ozone) can be directly drinking water, it is the purpose of drinking water treatment technology.

Second, the emergence of direct drinking water to solve the hotel's pursuit of healthy drinking water

Hotel direct drinking water equipment for direct drinking water, you can drink directly. Filtration using membrane separation technology, not only filter out the raw water of the virus and bacteria and filter out the water color, odor, chlorine, ozone hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and so on. Blocking suspended particles to improve water quality, while retaining beneficial trace elements on the human body, and with ion exchange softened water quality, in full compliance with the World Health Organization published direct drinking healthy water standards.