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Characteristics Of PTFE Air Ultrafiltration Membrane

Aug 03, 2018

1. PTFE air filter membrane has high filtration efficiency, which can meet the filtration efficiency grade requirements of Sub-high efficiency, high efficiency and ultra-high efficiency air filter.

2. compared with other high efficiency filter materials, PTFE microporous membrane has higher PF value and better filtration performance. (PF value is an indicator of the balance between filtration efficiency and pressure loss. The larger PF value is, the better the filtration effect is. The calculation formula is as follows:

PF value =-log (1- filtering efficiency) / pressure loss *1000

Pressure loss unit: Pa, test speed: 5.3cm/s, particle size: 0.1~0.2um.

3. Membrane pore size is small, and PTFE air filtration membrane material through high-temperature heat setting treatment, micro-pore structure is stable, so it can effectively intercept dust particles under high wind speed.

4. PTFE air ultrafiltration membrane has strong hydrophobicity, low surface energy, good non adhesion and easy removal of dust on the surface of material. Therefore, it can be washed with water to recover the performance, and it can be used repeatedly and prolong the service life greatly.

5. the surface filtration mechanism can easily remove dust accumulated by mechanical vibration or wipe.