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Coated Of Air Purification Filter What Are The Types?

May 18, 2017

What are the Coated of Air Purification Filter?

Coated of Air Purification Filter can be divided into the initial effect, efficiency and high efficiency and other types; which use high efficiency filters are generally required for high temperature; long-term to Huayang, Beiren and part of the import coating machine equipment supporting air filter , This is also more experienced, the following part of the reference for your reference:

(1) the initial Coated of Air Purification Filter coating

Commonly used man-made fiber filter made, the frame is made of strong, moisture-proof hard paper box made. In the normal operating environment will not be deformed, broken, twisted. The front and back of the box to diagonal fixed filter. Filter material and the outer frame close to the frame to prevent air leakage generated.

The initial application of air purification filter is mainly applied to air conditioning and ventilation system primary filtration, clean room return air filter, local high efficiency filter pre-filter, mainly used to filter dust particles of 5um and above particle size, the use of weight test The Also used for primary protection of multi-stage filtration systems. Filter material with non-woven fabrics, nylon mesh, aluminum wave net, stainless steel mesh, non-woven filter out of the wind surface through the finishing process to prevent non-woven fiber breakage caused by secondary pollution.

(2) in the Coated of Air Purification Filter

Made of man-made fibers and galvanized iron. There are a variety of options to choose from, including 40% -45%, 60% -65%, 80% -85% and 90-95%, the flange consists of galvanized iron. This series of products can be used in industrial, commercial, hospital, school, building and other factory air conditioning equipment can also be installed in the gas turbine inlet equipment or computer room to extend the service life of equipment.

(3) high temperature and efficient Coated of Air Purification Filter

High temperature and high efficiency Coated of Air Purification Filter generally requires high temperature of 250 degrees or so, high efficiency, low resistance, dust capacity, widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering and other fields. It is the core part of the air filter in the coating machine.