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Coated Of Air Purification Filter With Photocatalytic Purification Of Biological Deodorization

Sep 25, 2017

First, the Coated of Air Purification Filter Product Description:

For factories, laboratories, chemical plants, electronics factories, machinery workshops, pharmaceutical companies and other large areas of specialized research and development production of a new generation of air purification machine. The machine has the functions of photocatalytic purification, biological deodorization, UV sterilization deodorization, ion purification, high efficiency filtration, or high efficiency oil mist filtration. Taking into account the complexity and diversity of odor gas, but also consider the dust control, oil mist, sterilization of the comprehensive, the use of large amount of wind cabinet structure, clean air volume, the effective decomposition of toxic and harmful gases, odor gas, Dust particles, bacteria, mold, the workshop is the ideal choice for air purification.

Second, the Coated of Air Purification Filter works:

1) coarse filter system

Filter the diameter of 10 microns dust particles, the role of pre-treatment.

2) patented photohydrogen ion catalytic purification filtration system

The system can produce a large number of ions, resulting in instantaneous high energy, but also produce a lot of OH-, HO2, O and other free radicals, can open some of the molecular bonds are very close to the odor of gas molecules chemical bonds, molecular.

Built-in catalyst catalyst, can make the molecular chemical bond loose or weaken, reduce the activation of gas molecules to accelerate the chemical reaction. At the same time ion can sterilization purification. The purification system on the harmful chemicals in the air and odor odor has a continuous effect, effectively prevent the printing workshop ink, epoxy resin and other chemical organic pollution, clean working environment.

3) the unique amount of air to enhance the efficiency of purification

Anju music air purification machine purification air volume, reaching 6000 cubic meters / hour. Breakthrough in the past, most of the air purification machines in the market for continuous dissemination of air pollution, workshop odor, especially organic pollution helpless technical bottlenecks. With a strong ability to remove indoor air pollution system. And the unique simulation design, air volume setting mode

4) Ion purification system

Can produce high energy ions, decomposition damage chemical odor structure, efficient removal of odor.

5) Biological filtration system (optional)

Through the principle of ecological purification, natural plant extracts in addition to the biological principle of odor, the effective removal of space such as benzene, toluene, xylene and other toxic chemicals, odor gas. Biological purifying is the international forefront of technology, and has been in Europe and the United States and other countries and regions.

6) efficient HEPA filtration system

Smoke, dust and bacteria and other parts of the odor often attached to the dust particles, it is more than 0.3 micron diameter particle removal efficiency of up to 99.7% or more, quickly clean the indoor air.

7) anjule independent research and development of the oil mist filtration system (optional)

Contains anjule oil mist filter, can effectively capture the oil mist, after treatment, can effectively improve the use of air conditioning workshop effect, reduce shop maintenance costs.

Third, the product features:

1, sustained and efficient elimination of harmful micro-organisms: instantly kill bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms.

2, photolysis can be volatile organic matter: such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC,and other chemical organic matter.

3, deodorant function: to eliminate through the human body breathing, sweat, urine, mildew, rotting and other chemical reactions generated odor, can eliminate garbage stations, public toilets, sewage pumping stations, chemical workshop odor.

4, high-energy negative ion generator: can release a large number of negative ions to the air, can sink a variety of respirable particulate matter, dust, dust, dander, solid sulfide, solid carbide, etc., as small as 0.01 micron particles.

5, anion oxygen bar function: the machine after the opening of anion function, the release of a large number of negative ions, give you the feeling of exposure to the forest.

6, the use of photocatalytic technology: through the photon irradiation to produce a large number of superoxide oxidation ยท OH, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen ions, OH- and a large number of negative ions, and air, such as benzene, formaldehyde and other organic matter to achieve photocatalytic reaction Degradation of organic matter and the removal of harmful odor molecules.

7, the use of air filter: filter air in the larger diameter of dust, fiber and other particles, improve air quality.

8, the use of high efficiency filter: filter the air particle diameter greater than 0.5 microns of dust, fiber, bacteria and organic molecules, to clean air quality.

9, power, environmental protection: the wind volume of this product, power consumption is small, is the general air conditioning power consumption of 1/20.

10, wind, wind free choice: the machine has a strong, medium and weak third gear speed, to meet your different needs. Air direction can be automatically left and right swing.

11, wind class selection: the machine has a microcomputer control of the ordinary wind, imitation natural wind, sleep health wind three wind model for you to choose to use.

12, remote control function: The machine has long-distance remote control function: 8 meters long distance remote control, 120 degrees large angle to receive.