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Coated Of Air Purification FilterImprove Air Quality

Aug 18, 2017

Coating production workshop in addition to flavor air purification machine Product Description:

Air purification machine is for the factory, laboratory, chemical shop, electronics factory, machinery workshop, pharmaceutical and other large areas of specialized research and development production of a new generation of air purification machine. The machine has the functions of photocatalytic purification, biological deodorization, UV sterilization deodorization, ion purification, high efficiency filtration, or high efficiency oil mist filtration. Taking into account the complexity and diversity of odor gas, but also consider the dust control, oil mist, sterilization and disinfection of the comprehensive, the use of large amount of wind cabinet structure, purification air volume, the effective decomposition of toxic and harmful gases, odor gas, Dust particles, bacteria, mold, is the ideal place for air purification air purification options.

Coating production workshop in addition to taste air purifier Product Features:

1, sustained and efficient elimination of harmful micro-organisms: instantly kill bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms.

2, photolysis volatile organic matter: such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, **** and other chemical organic matter.

3, deodorant function: to eliminate through the human body breathing, sweat, urine, mildew, rotting and other chemical reactions generated odor, can eliminate garbage stations, public toilets, sewage pumping stations, chemical workshop odor.

4, high-energy negative ion generator: can release a large number of negative ions to the air, can sink a variety of respirable particulate matter, dust, dust, dander, solid sulfide, solid carbide, etc., as small as 0.01 micron particles.

5, anion oxygen bar function: the machine after the opening of anion function, the release of a large number of negative ions, give you as the feeling of exposure to the forest.

6, the use of photocatalytic technology: through photon irradiation to produce a large number of superoxide oxidation ยท OH, oxygen ions, OH- and a large number of negative ions, and air, such as benzene, formaldehyde and other organic matter photocatalytic reaction to achieve degradation of organic matter and removal The effect of harmful odor molecules.

7, the use of air filter: filter air in the larger diameter of dust, fiber and other particles, improve air quality.

8, remote control function: the machine has long-range remote control function: 8 meters long distance remote control, 120 degrees large angle to receive.

9, the use of high efficiency filter: filter the air particle diameter greater than 0.5 microns of dust, fiber, bacteria and organic molecules, to clean air quality.

10, power, environmental protection: the wind volume of this product, power consumption is small, is the general air conditioning power consumption of 1/20.

11, wind, wind free choice: The machine has a strong, medium and weak third gear speed, to meet your different needs. Air direction can be automatically left and right swing.

12, wind class selection: the machine has a microcomputer control of the ordinary wind, imitation natural wind, sleep health wind three wind model for you to choose to use.

Industrial air purifier Applications:

1, chemical shop, food factory, flavor spices factory, paint shop, electronics factory, mechanical processing workshop, pharmaceutical factory, optical precision instrument factory paint workshop, spray paint room, dye factory.

3, fragrance factory, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses.

4, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, laboratories, dressing rooms and other public places.

5, metal foundry, rubber factory, pesticide factory, slaughter plant, paper mills, plastic factory, kraft paper mill, synthetic resin plant, pulp mill, paint factory, circuit board factory.

6, printing plant, gas plant, fertilizer plant, foundry, refinery, feed mill, steel plant, soap factory, sewage treatment station, garbage disposal plant, refuse transfer station, cigarette factory.