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Common Causes Of Screw Air Compressor Oil Plug Failure

Dec 20, 2016

A compressor around. Empty pressure machine around environment in the with corrosion sex gas, as some occasions will has sulfide, days that water, cleaning with of chemical agent, volatile in air in the, machine of high temperature itself on accelerated has oil of oxidation, once these gas into empty pressure machine system and oil occurred chemical reactions, to produced product carbon and sludge,, part impurities into oil circulatory system was oil filter intercept, another part impurities with of oil and gas mixture rose to oil and gas separation filter, in gas through oil and gas separation filter Shi, these impurities stranded in oil points filter paper Shang And hole plug filters, gas-oil separation filter resistance is slowly increasing, resulting in oil-gas separator in a short period of time need to be replaced earlier.

Qualified second, do not use the air compressor air filter, oil filter, oil, one or more of these circumstances are present. Filter precision poor of empty pressure machine air filter will let part air in the of dust particles cannot was intercept, will directly into empty pressure machine system, oil filter and oil and gas separation filter load had big, led to jam; into empty pressure machine system of impurities, and oil oxide, and wear of metal particles, due to oil filter filter precision poor, part intercept of oil filter filter layer Shang, another part impurities has been in machine within cycle until rose to oil and gas separation filter, separation Hou stranded in oil and gas separation filter of filter layer in the, Causing premature oil and gas separation filter is blocked; poor antioxidant oils should not be used, even for a short time, can also produce carbon and glue, oil and gas separation filter clogging.

Three, air compressor air filter air intake pipe between the connection host for leaks. Cause of leak common: air filter air compressor is not installed well; contact area roughness air compressor air filter Assembly air compressor air filter dirt on the contact surface with the Assembly attached to the top, resulting in leaks; air compressor air filter surface elastic contact pads straight; air compressor air filter or air filter Assembly breakdown, and so on.

Four, oil separator filter filter water filter swell too much micro-hole shrinkage, the effective separation of the oil and gas separation filter area is reduced, resulting in oil and gas separation filter resistance increases, gas-oil separation cartridge jam ahead.