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Effect Of Polytetrafluoroethylene Film After Chemical Treatment

Apr 20, 2018

The static contact Angle of ptfe film was measured after two months of chemical treatment to detect the effect of chemical oxidation treatment. Using a contact Angle meter by droplet method of PTFE membrane water contact Angle, by a computer to control the goniometer and the bright degree of the light beam, the result in will be in the form of images displayed on a computer screen, then the image with a digital camera. In order to reduce the influence of gravity, the volume of each droplet was adjusted to 0.1mL. Measurements were made under the conditions of 18 and 42 relative humidity (RH). In order to do a comparative experiment, the contact Angle of the untreated TPFE film was measured, and each contact Angle was determined from the repeated readings of three measurements.