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EPTFE Film For Clothing

Dec 16, 2017

The ePTFE microporous membrane is made by advanced biaxial stretching process. According to the requirements, the pore size of the microporous membrane can be 0.1 to 1um, and the thickness can be between 20 and 60um, and the porosity can reach 90%, and up to hundreds of millions of micropores per square centimeter. Small diameter water molecules than the hundreds of times, thousands of times larger than the water vapor, water vapor can pass through water and not, so it has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability; at the same time, because of its extremely thin film micro ePTFE clothing, vertical bent, which greatly weakened the convection film on both sides of the air, so the ePTFE clothing membrane laminated fabric with windproof, warm function, can withstand wind and moisture intrusion, not only very good permeability, and it is warm outside than ordinary fabric more than 2.5 times. The film has been improved since the world and has been specially treated on the ePTFE film, and its firmness and durability are greatly improved.

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