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EPTFE Membrane For Aramid Fiber Needled Feltor

May 31, 2019

EPTFE Membrane for Aramid Fiber Needled Feltor PTFE feltor Glass Fiber Needle Felt

Sano e-PTFE air removing membrane filter material used needle felt,spunlace mat or woven which is produced by the well-known brand as a carrier. It uses the international leading composite technology (high-temperature compound, normal-temperature compound, dispensing compound)to make the film and material combine with each other perfectly, concentrate the advantages to do the deep filtration.It divies into high-temperature lamination, such as PTFE needle felt, NOMEX needle felt, fiberglass needle felt, PPS needle felt, P-84 needle felt, etc.Normal-temperature compound, such as polyester needle felt, antistatic needle felt. Dispensing compound, such as acrylic needle felt,729 polyester woven, which widely uses in high pollution areas such as steel plants, power plants, cement plants, chemical plants, waste incineration.