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EPTFE Waterproof And Breathable Membrane High Quality Waterproof And Breathable Material For Lamp

Dec 12, 2020

It seems that the most important part of a car's lighting is a few light bulbs and a large car shell? In fact, people who really understand the automobile or the automobile industry will know that a plastic shell encapsulating several light bulbs has various regulations and reliability requirements for practical application in automobiles!

For example, rain may cause the housing of a car lamp to cool rapidly, creating a large vacuum inside the housing. This will seriously affect the performance of LED internal components. In addition, the temperature change, dust, dirt and moisture will have a considerable impact on the electronic components of the automobile headlight, and eventually cause the lamp failure.

The way to solve the above potential problems is to use waterproof and breathable membrane. It can provide long-term protection for the lamp from the invasion of external moisture, dust, oil and other dirt. At the same time, the unique air permeability function of waterproof and breathable film can adjust the gas exchange with the change of pressure, so as to reduce the pressure on the seal and prolong the service life of the product.


At present, lepton nano ePTFE waterproof and breathable membrane is widely used in lighting equipment, waterproof mobile phone and other fields, which can provide the best air permeability, waterproof and anti-corrosion effect. 

It can provide the best waterproof, air permeability and heat dissipation performance when used in all kinds of automobile lamps and lanterns. 

It can effectively prevent the entry of moisture, fog and dust, and let the air pass through the film effectively to achieve the functions of ventilation, heat dissipation and sound transmission. In addition, the product will not be affected by corrosive gases and liquids, with long service life, good ventilation, heat dissipation and sound transmission effect.