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How Does The Auto Film Choose?

Oct 10, 2017

How does the Auto Film choose?

For just bought a car friends, choose a good Auto Film is essential, a high-quality Auto Film not only to protect our car, more for our personal safety to provide some protection.

We went to a car outside the beauty shop, the basic can see the "foil" words, as the prefix is "clean" or "professional", we do not care. After entering the beauty shop can see the brand of several types of automotive film brand, the store will use a variety of words to tell us that their home from the Auto Film which is imported, and with a small experiment to prove how effective the results obvious. But for our rookie, they said no matter how hype, our hearts are almost "this person in the Han, how can I not understand."

So we have to do some understanding of the membrane. First Auto Film is divided into four categories:

The first Auto Film is coated with a composite process film. The main role is to block the strong sunlight, this type of Auto Film is produced earlier, basically do not have the role of insulation.

The second car membrane is a stained film. This film uses a deep dyeing process, add heat absorber, absorb the infrared in the sun to achieve heat insulation effect, poor insulation effect, and poor visibility of light, a rainy day or night, when the basic look at the reverse clear. At the same time there is a drawback of this film is the insulation function decay quickly, one to two summer, the film basically faded, become transparent and easy to blister!

The third type of Auto Film is a vacuum heat evaporation film, using a vacuum evaporation process, the aluminum layer is evaporated on the substrate, to achieve heat insulation effect, that is, we often say that the metal film, it has a long heat insulation Reflective higher. For reflective, may have some car owners like, because it can always keep the car with the light to see the car inside the situation, with a good privacy.

The fourth Auto Film is a metal magnetron sputtering film. The use of electric field and magnetic field principle high-speed high-strength metal particles evenly sputtered on high-tension PET substrate. Magnetron sputtering process products in addition to a very good metal texture, stable insulation performance, there are other processes can not achieve the clarity and low light and lasting color.

When you understand the type of Auto Film, we then talk about how to choose the film. Election film can be used to pick a four-step to a good film.

1, hand touch. High-quality film feels smooth and thick, poor quality film is very soft and very thin, lack of toughness, easy wrinkling, the film will be able to see the obvious wrinkle fold.

2, nose smell. High-quality film tear-off protective film after no smell, and poor quality membrane tearing pungent odor. (Teeth can be used to bite a corner, control teeth before and after rubbing tearing protective film).

3, seeing. Quality film regardless of the color depth, can clearly see objects other than 6 meters, and see the word will not be deformed. Poor quality membrane poor light transmission, line of sight blocked, see the word has a slight deformation.

4, wear resistance. Scraper can be used to scratch the same high-quality film and poor quality film, high-quality film scratches less.

5, blade scraping. With the beauty shop asphalt cleaning agent sprayed on the adhesive layer of the film (adhesive layer tearing difficult), then use the blade to scratch the adhesive coating. High-quality film blade scraping after the basic unharmed, poor quality film itself will be scraped, change transparent.