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How To Choose Auto Film Color?

Jun 23, 2017

  How to choose Auto Film color?

  Yan value of the Times, the choice of color harmony, texture excellent Auto Film can add a lot of cars.

  Usually the business in the production of film, will take into account the difference, the production of different light transmittance of the color of the film, from carbon black, dark gray, olive green to deep natural color, light natural color, etc., to meet the needs of different models.

  One way can be based on the body and glass color to match the color. The color is best approached by the car to achieve a unified visual style.

  For different people, the color selection of the Auto Film is very different.

  According to the preferences of female and male motorists, as well as the market situation of the business car, women prefer to choose the side back of the soft color light transmission moderate, while the business car and men's preferences, more emphasis on the side back to choose a dark gray film, so that the car looks dynamic and beautiful, and create personal private space. However, the current color is natural, car owners can choose according to their preferences.

  In addition, the choice of Auto Film color, to pay special attention to the clarity of the front film, because the front block is to observe the outside window, the clarity of the film requirements are unusually high. According to the domestic traffic regulations, the transmittance of the front film is more than 70%. Therefore, for the front film, in addition to the color matching, but also to take into account the clarity, security, and insulation effect.

  High quality solar film regardless of color depth, perspective performance is good. In the night, rainy days can also maintain a good line of sight to ensure safe driving.