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How To Distinguish The Sunscreen Effect Of The Auto Film?

Jun 23, 2017

  How to distinguish the sunscreen effect of the Auto Film?

  Summer, the owner of the most thin is driving in the hot sun, not only hot air is not good smell. This time you may need to open air conditioning all day long, and this is not enough you may also consider buying a heat film. Then the problem came, some car buyers to buy a car when the impression will feel as long as the film color is deeper, the better the effect of thermal sunscreen, really is this?

  In fact, the impact of glass film insulation effect in addition to the color depth of the film, there is a more important factor is the effect of light isolation. The isolation of the Auto Film on the light.

  A Auto Film insulation function is mainly to see the sun film isolation infrared parameters, sunscreen is to see the sun film isolation of ultraviolet parameters, infrared and ultraviolet light are invisible light, and the color depth of the film is not necessarily related.

  So the deeper the thermal insulation of the car sunscreen the better? This is not reliable. The most important is the two parameters: isolated infrared parameters and parameters of the isolated ultraviolet light. Buy a car when you want to be good and business to ask this parameter value is how much.

  The following are the same as the "

  The most light inside the car is the front windshield, but the owner is not what film can be posted. Because the front windshield light bright and clear direct impact on the safety of traffic, which is also the car side of the car after the glass is not the same. In this regard the state has provisions, that is, before the windshield glass paste film, translucency must be more than 70%, or when you check the car too.

  But you can rest assured that as long as not three no fake and shoddy products, the general brand of glass film are up to the standard, you have to do is to find Kaopu business to buy Kaopu products.