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How To Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Oil Filter

Dec 20, 2016

Oil filter:

There are mainly two kinds of impurities in engine oil-a is part of the engine at work and wear down the metal particles or when additional oil from the filler into the engine dust sand. Another is organic, black clay. This is oil under high temperature in operation process, substances resulting from chemical changes. Oil filter is filtering out impurities in the oil, a auto parts to keep engine oil clean. We can see from the picture, oil filter genuine and counterfeit packaging and filter structure has a greater difference. Here we have to distinguish carefully the pros and cons of two oil filters.

Oil filter institutions:

From the appearance of the oil filter, we can easily see the difference. Genuine filters on both ends of filter paper with hard plastic bracket, filter every 10 percent was fixed on the bracket, in use, therefore not easy to deformation and filter paper at both ends of the plastic bracket has sealed by forcing oil filtered through filter paper. Counterfeit goods filter through filters at both ends of the plastic ring fixed, but both ends of the filter paper does not do sealing measures. Oil is not passed directly through filter paper filter paper folded clearance flow away, without any filtering.

Oil filter material differences:

From these two oil filter filter material, we may see some differences. Genuine oil filter filter material more smooth to the touch, and the fiber filter paper finer. Imitation feels quite coarse filter paper, paper fiber is thicker. A fine filter paper fibers are better able to filter the impurities in the oil, filter and better performance.