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How To Improve The Technology Of PE Electrostatic Film?

May 23, 2018

pe static film

PE electrostatic protection film quality, can be said to accept the ideal level of the present, but more than 20 years, the protection membrane technology has not been promoted and changed, in contrast, the current electrostatic protection film is not yet and the quality of the protection membrane is high, the same is the PE series, why is there a difference? The current technology is becoming more and more developed, and the quality of the product is getting worse and worse. This is not only on the PE electrostatic protection film, but many are the same. Serious, this is a common disease of the market.

The production and application of PE electrostatic protection film in China has been developing rapidly, and its output value has been greatly improved. It has become the largest producer in the world. With the development of science and technology and the progress of living standards, higher requirements have been put forward for the packaging of daily necessities, foods, drugs and various industrial commodities. High functional and utilitarian soft plastic packaging materials have become the main points of the development discussion, with high barrier, high transparency, multi function preservation and aseptic soft plastic packaging materials. More and more attention has been paid to the market demand.

It has become a very urgent mission to develop goods with good function, proper appearance, convenient packaging operation and environmental safety for food and medical packaging, to improve the packaging level of food and medical goods in China, to satisfy the increasing market demand, to replace imports, and to enhance the export ability of food and pharmaceutical commodities. At present, the production and application of electrostatic membrane in China is still in the stage of extensive growth with high speed, low efficiency and high consumption. Most of the commodities are on the low side and have a greater distance from the developed countries, especially in the functional aspects of the protective membrane. Most of the advanced functional packaging materials are dependent on the import, which has become a major factor restricting the development of food and medical goods in China. The protective film prepared by biaxial tensile technology has the advantages of strength, rigidity, scale stability, optical function and thickness uniformity. Therefore, it occupies an important position in the packaging of food, medicine and other industrial products.

Because of the impact of the wave of environmental protection, consumers are increasingly demanding on commodity packaging. Green packaging is the need for the development of the world's environmental protection, and it also represents the trend of the packaging industry in various countries. It is one of the important contents of improving the competitiveness of the commodity market and preventing the new trade barriers. The greening of protective film has also become an important trend. At present, there is no consistent definition of green packaging.

The most important meaning of green packaging is to protect the environment, together with the meaning of capital regeneration. According to the present, we have explained that the production of modern electrostatic film has adopted high technology semi automatic machinery production, which has achieved high speed production effect and reduced the expenditure of manpower, but also reduced the quality of protective film. Mechanical production can not be higher than the quality of artificial production, this point in the production of many products, is the same, artificial operation machinery can not be humanized control membrane production quality problems.


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