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How To Paste The Auto Film

Jun 23, 2017

  How to paste the Auto Film

  Layman to see the technical staff paste the insulation paper, are thought to be very simple, as long as the open paper, spray some water, paste to cut a knife,Auto Film the water out to complete, in fact, esoteric technology is esoteric Few people will go to a detailed study, I will later for the technical research to promote the insulation to the paper industry to enhance the industry's national technology, for the following said you do not agree or have a better way to deal with when the call Advise.

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  1, water more than 70% of the construction workers directly use tap water, without filtration or precipitation This is not correct, because there are many impurities in the water pipe, or sand, sometimes replace the water pipe will affect the water quality, so , The water used in the paste must be filtered or precipitated.

  2, the dust of many paste the insulation of the paper place without a closed room, some people passing or mansions stickers, the size of the car roared and stirred a lot of dust,Auto Film sometimes the wind when the larger dust, so if there is no closed room can be closed to all doors Posted.

  3, the work clothes to open the transparent part of the insulation will produce a lot of static electricity, if the stickers you wear clothes is wool, or cotton clothes are not suitable for wearing clothes, because the clothes on the cotton or wool will be Electrostatic absorption of paper above.

  4, the paper surface is not clear we cut the paper often placed on the car mats, chair cover, or placed on the roof, the hood, causing internal and external is not clean,Auto Film but also because of electrostatic relations when the paper attached to the appearance of dust Will also absorb the paper table above, therefore, in the open without transparent paper, you must wash or spray some water on the surface to prevent dust and sand.

  5, the chair cover or the object is also the cause of static electricity, some chair cover is hair free, fox hair or cotton too much, open the paper should also pay attention to, and open the paper when not too close to the object, so that the object is dust Suck

  6, open the paper when someone open the door after the glass wash or open the paper when the car can not open the door, sometimes forced to open the door will cause the rapid flow of air into a lot of dust or sand.

  7, air-conditioning wind is too large summer is the heat of the peak season, the sun or the car temperature is very high, in the car to open air-conditioning stickers in the inevitable,Auto Film but in the open air when the air-conditioning wind speed reduced to the minimum to be finished paper, Paste the glass after the opening of the wind speed, so that the dust inside the car quickly flying everywhere.

  8, the bottom of the sprinkler is not clean when using the sprinkler on the ground, the mat or on the chair cover, the bottom is often not clean, when you open the paper, if the sprinkler on the paper shaking, the bottom of the sand , Small stones will fall on paper, when we use the sprinkler, the first wipe the bottom.

  9, hand-pinching part of the transparent paper must be removed after the two fingers to pinch the insulation paper, hand pinching part of the fingerprints and sand, the idea is to control the paper for the principle of capacity pinch less.

  10, wiping the way is not correct Wipe the glass when there is a fixed way, if the scraping, or wiping off or I do not know the end will bring sand.

  11, flush or bottom of the wiper can not be fully arrived must be flushing, if the use of toilet paper cleaning attention to the use of skim toilet paper will not have dust.Auto Film Old cars or triangular windows should pay attention to flush, but the top can not be flushed, so as not to dirt with the water down.

  12, pay attention to the car objects finished paper, spray water to the glass stickers in the process sometimes stained like a table, steering wheel, rearview mirror, chair cover, glass frame or roof, sound, etc., will get dirty The