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How To Repair The Damaged Membrane Surface Of Sewerage Film?

Mar 04, 2018

Sewage pool reverse hanging membrane in the process of installation and use, the membrane surface could be damaged because of various reasons, such as membrane surface processing when the leak off or welding, installation on the ground or other structures on the drag of wear, sharp objects scratch or puncture, membrane material lifting or tearing tension when the accident and so on; In the course of use, the falling objects are broken or considered to be damaged. If these conditions occur, they must be repaired in time. So, how to repair the anti-hanging membrane surface damage?

Damage to the anti-hanging membrane of the sewage tank:

1. If the damage scope of the film surface is less than 50mm, cut an elliptical or circular film, as the reinforcing layer is welded to the upper part of the damaged area;

2. If the damage scope of the film surface is more than 50mm, but less than 300mm, prepare a film strip with a length and width of 150mm larger than the damage range, as the reinforcement layer is welded to the film surface of the damaged area;

3. If the damage of the membrane surface is more than 300mm long, the entire damaged unit shall be removed and returned to the factory for repair or replacement of the entire unit;

4. If only the surface coating of the local film material is worn and the fabric fiber is intact, high performance transparent adhesive can be used to paste or heat in the worn area.

Specific repair methods of the slop membrane:

1, PVC coated cover material of membrane can be used hot fan repair: to patch area to be cleaned up, laying flat, welding surface patches in the shop, the PVC coating on the surface of the membrane material with hot melt, then patch with lower membrane with small roller press firmly together, and the 2-4 is on-site repair, repair methods with the type of membrane material.

2, the PTFE membrane material, covered in patch to add a layer between the original damage of membrane material fluorinated ethylene-propylene film, reoccupy special portable welding equipment on the patch clamping, fluorinated ethylene-propylene thin film with high temperature melting to patch welding on the membrane surface.

3, when the concrete operation should pay attention to the grasp of heating temperature and heating time, the membrane material for welding as the surface of the coating or film fully melted and firmly stick together, and to prevent overheating and burning of membrane material.

4. In fact, patches are usually patched up on the outside surface. In humid climates, patches of the same size should be soldered in and out of the inner and outer surfaces to prevent the area from being contaminated by moisture.