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Hydrophilic Membrane In The Water Treatment Equipment In The Effectiveness

Sep 25, 2017

Hydrophilic membrane is a kind of ultrafiltration membrane, you can filter some of the harmful substances in water, this film can be filtered under a small pressure of water. Ultrafiltration membrane is widely used in industrial applications, has become one of the new chemical unit operation. For the separation, concentration, purification of biological products, pharmaceutical products and food industry; also used for blood treatment, wastewater treatment and ultra-pure water preparation of the terminal treatment device. In our country has been successfully used in the ultrafiltration membrane of Chinese herbal medicine concentrated purification. Ultrafiltration membrane with the progress of technology, its screening function will be improved and strengthened, the contribution of human society will be more and more.

Water treatment equipment relative to the traditional process, there are advanced technology, can solve the traditional process of loopholes. Like Yi Bao, wow haha do not use a hundred years of water technology, but the choice of pure water equipment, so that the new water technology has become a trend.

Mainly about water treatment equipment in the hydrophilic film, and its effectiveness. Hydrophilic membrane is the current water treatment market is a very popular filter membrane, its presence to the reverse osmosis membrane caused by pressure in the water purification market occupies the primary position is containing reverse osmosis membrane water treatment equipment, pure Water equipment and household water machine and so on. For the ultrafiltration technology, in the filtration of water when there is no reverse osmosis technology filter clean, so in the market to buy water purifiers mostly choose reverse osmosis technology. However, the development and production of hydrophilic film so that we can see the ultrafiltration membrane can also have such a effect.

Hydrophilic membrane is a kind of ultrafiltration membrane, is the latest research and development of a film, and other films, like to filter the harmful impurities in the water, the membrane pressure is very small. The original ultrafiltration membrane is only able to filter the water in the large particles of material, suspended solids, colloids and other substances, can not filter small molecules of impurities, so the ultrafiltration technology of water purifiers generally as a terminal water, water quality is better Of the family before use. Sales are much lower than the reverse osmosis, but the appearance of hydrophilic film, colloid, oil, protein and other pollutants, these pollutants in the membrane surface agglomerate into a spherical, can be cleaned by a simple cleaning, hydrophilic Ultrafiltration membrane operating pressure is low and chemical cleaning frequency is low, to ensure the quality of water quality lasting.