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Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane Has Obvious Advantages

Sep 29, 2020

The hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane includes an unsupported hydrophilic single membrane and a composite hydrophilic membrane with PP as a support material.

Because of its strong hydrophilicity and chemical compatibility, it can be widely used to filter various aqueous solutions, such as strong acid , Strong alkali, etc.

The filter membrane can filter ph2-13 various liquid medicines, and can also filter instrument oil, 5% acetic acid, 6n sulfuric acid, 6n potassium hydroxide, anhydrous ethanol, trioctyl trimellitate, polyethylene glycol, and various wines Products, beverages, vinegar, etc., the quality meets the standard.

The product has a smooth surface, light texture, high porosity, and uniform microporous structure, so it has the characteristics of fast flow rate and not easy to adsorb.

The chemically modified hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane can be used in the filtration of aqueous solutions, in water treatment, life science, chemical engineering, food and beverage, electronics and medicine industries, liquid filtration and purification; industrial water treatment precision filtration; in In the pharmaceutical and electronic industries, filter purification and product collection.

The filter membrane is imported from abroad, made of PTFE material, high bubble point, large flux, high temperature resistance, no shedding, no adsorption, tested by relevant users, 0.2μm pore size imported PTFE hydrophilic filter membrane has a bubble point of 3 kg/cm2, The amount is 1.4 times that of polyethersulfone PES filter membrane and 3 times that of conventional PTFE filter membrane.

It is suitable for water injection, large infusion, serum, biological products, protein solution, fermentation tank feed, antibiotics, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry. , Sterilization filtration of pure draft beer, wine, high purity water and mineral water in the beverage industry, filtration of chemical raw materials in the chemical industry.

The hydrophilic PTFE filter membrane can be wetted by aqueous solutions, has excellent chemical compatibility, can withstand almost all organic solvents, and is used in applications such as organic solvent filtration, acid or alkali filtration, and strong oxidizing solution filtration.

The particulate matter collection and source analysis of the flue is generally adopted by monitoring stations in various places for higher temperature environments and stricter source analysis requirements.

The filter membrane is used for air pollution monitoring of acid gas, chimney and flue, and it contains low alkali metal content.