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Industrial Application Scenarios Of PTFE Waterproof And Breathable Membrane

Dec 12, 2020

Electronic industry: PTFE waterproof and breathable membrane and components are widely used in the global electronic industry market. The diversity of pore size distribution and thickness is suitable for different standards of various electronic products.

New energy: unique ventilation function, as well as its extremely strong anti-aging, extreme temperature, chemical resistance and other characteristics, has gradually become an essential part of new energy products protection.

Home appliance industry: PTFE waterproof and breathable membrane is very suitable for the protection and balance of pressure difference of household appliances due to its dust-proof, waterproof and oil-proof effects.

Automotive Manufacturing: provide lasting ventilation and safety protection for automotive electronic components and automotive lighting.

Outdoor lighting: it can effectively prevent fog and condensation of outdoor lamps. Its unique high air permeability can avoid the accumulation of internal gas, quickly balance the internal and external air pressure, reduce the stress of the sealing shell, so as to improve the service life of lamps and lanterns.

In addition:  it can prevent the telecommunication equipment from being damaged by the pressure of the telecommunication equipment.

Sound transmission: it has good sound permeability, which can protect the sounder and minimize the loss of sound quality in the transmission process.

Liquid packaging: chemical inertness makes it not react with any chemical agent. It is very suitable for the packaging and transportation of corrosive liquid. The above industries need to use waterproof and breathable membrane, lightweight nano waterproof and breathable membrane are suitable.