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Introduction To EPTFE Film

Feb 28, 2017

The ePTFE is a microporous membrane formed by stretching and stretching with polytetrafluoroethylene as raw material. It was found that the surface of the ePTFE film was covered with fibril-like micropores, with as many as 9 billion micropores per square inch. The cross section was a network structure. The three-dimensional structure of the hole had a mesh connection, So very complex structure. EPTFE microporous film has good thermal stability and wide use of temperature, can be low temperature of 200 ℃ to zero 260 ℃ high temperature continuous operation, the melting point of up to 327 ℃, with non-flammable, excellent chemical stability, Acid, alkaline, and many high corrosive media, the friction coefficient is small, hydrophobic strong. Small aperture (average pore size 0.2mm), blocking some of the toxic gas or aerosol penetration, low surface can prevent the infiltration of certain toxic liquids.


EPTFE film can be divided into:


1, clothing film: Teflon diameter changes in the range of 0.1-0.5 microns, while the water vapor molecules diameter of 0.0004 microns, the smallest diameter of the rain mist diameter of 20 microns, the diameter of the drizzle has been as high as 400 Micron, pore diameter between the water vapor and rainwater, the diameter of the pores is less than the smallest light mist in the water molecules, much larger than the water vapor molecular diameter, can make the water vapor through the water droplets can not pass through the use of this pore structure can be excellent Of the waterproof breathable function, it is the top waterproof breathable material. In addition, because the hole is extremely small and vertical irregular arrangement of the bend, so that the wind can not pass through and thus has a good wind and warm and so on. The film since the advent of continuous improvement in the ePTFE film on the special treatment, its firmness and durability greatly improved, after mixing with other fabrics, widely used in military clothing, medical clothing, casual wear, fire, Biochemical, anti-virus, flooding operations, outdoor sports clothing, shoes and hats, gloves and sleeping bags, tents and other materials.


2, the filter membrane: PTFE membrane can be used for atmospheric dust, air purification and other membrane diameter can be controlled live 0.2um, porosity up to 88% or more, and needle felt, mechanism cloth, non-woven fabrics, glass And so on a variety of filter material composite with a surface filtration performance of the film filter so that ePTFE film filter with high peel strength, air permeability, pore size uniformity and so on. As a dust bag or foldable dust filter installed in the dust removal device quickly and effectively retained in microns to calculate the ultra-fine dust, dust removal efficiency of up to 99.99% or more, the service life of up to 3 years, the air permeability of up to 3-6m / Min, is currently the world's most advanced air filter material. All kinds of vacuum cleaners, air filter, air purification equipment, high efficiency air filter, the best choice.


3, bubble film: it is PTFE as raw material, after stretching and stretching to form a microporous film, the film with a special process in a variety of fabrics and substrates, a new filter material. The membrane pore size is small, about 0.2-0.5μm uniform distribution, porosity, while maintaining the air circulation, you can filter, including bacteria, including all the dust particles, to achieve the purpose of advanced purification and ventilation. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, microelectronics and laboratory supplies and other fields.