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Is There Any Need For A Auto Film?

Aug 02, 2017

  Is there any need for a Auto Film? Why should the film, do not paste it? Many owners will have such a question. At present, most of China's vehicles, glass windows are generally only ordinary glass, coated glass, the maximum UV blocking rate of 19% and 37%, and can not meet the daily needs of insulated UV, so the car posted a layer Film is still necessary, the following edit details about the benefits of Auto Film.

  Heat insulation

  When the car in the hot sun exposure, the car temperature is often unbearable. Most of the heat in the car is coming through uncoated glass. And has been open air conditioning will produce expensive petrol costs, loss of air conditioning system. Paste high-quality insulation film, the car can quickly cool, effective insulation.


  This is an important performance involved in safety. High-quality explosion-proof membrane is a special polyester film as the substrate, the film itself has a strong toughness, and with a special pressure sensitive glue, when the glass encountered an unexpected collision, the glass after the film will not splash injury, To avoid secondary damage to the occupants.

  Explosion-proof anti-theft

  Hand tools of the thieves can be broken within five seconds of glass, into the car, wash the car property. The explosion-proof car membrane can be criminals to break the window of the time from a few seconds to extend even a minute.


  If the car is not posted a good film, the long run, the sun in the ultraviolet damage to the skin is particularly large, will make the skin dry, accelerate skin aging, Auto Film and further make the epidermal cells within the nucleic acid and protein denaturation, resulting in acute dermatitis ) And other symptoms.


  Owners at night driving, the opposite of the vehicle lights will cause dizziness, especially the rainy night driving, but also lead to traffic accidents. Auto Film can effectively reduce the harsh glare, Auto Film for the riders to create a good driving vision, ease driving fatigue, improve driving safety.

  Single perspective, privacy

  In the car can clearly see the car, but in the car but can not see the car, exclusive privacy side of the block, the effect of the film after the car more mysterious, can play a role in protecting personal privacy.