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Mechanical Pulverization Of Ptfe Recovery Process

Apr 01, 2018

Mechanical FenSuiFa is the simplest and most commonly used, but also the most province investment recycling method of ptfe, is to use mechanical force force chemical changes in the waste, get the powder particle size is relatively small. Mechanical pulverization has no special requirement for ptfe waste, only pure waste is required. The residual polytetrafluoroethylene residue in production, unqualified products in the production process, and the grinding of finished products in machining process can be recycled by mechanical pulverization.

There are many methods of mechanical pulverization. After direct cleaning; It can also be irradiated or frozen and then pulverized, and the latter two methods can get a smaller diameter of ptfe, but the cost is also increased. There are many kinds of machines, such as mechanical cutting machine, high energy ball mill, airflow crusher, etc. With these crushers, it is generally possible to break the waste into a fine powder of 60~160 m, and the grain size is normal distribution. Because teflon is a ductile material, it consumes more energy than other materials. The general production process is as follows: polytetrafluoroethylene waste, washing, drying, crushing, presintering, fine grinding, grading, ptfe regeneration fine powder.

The classification can be used in the screen, or through the classifier like cyclone separator, depending on the specific process. After the grading, it is generally possible to obtain the uniform polytetrafluoroethylene powder.